A Voice Who Captured our Hearts: Marilag

3 min readJul 14, 2021


By: Crius (@criushajime)

The HQRP community, a platform where roleplayers spread positivity, create a home, and bring joy and comfort to everyone. Having a vast population, the said community is undoubtedly filled with talented personalities who showcase their talents in different aspects, may it be in music, arts or literature.

Of all these talented artists, one of them is Miss Ali or Marilag (@marilag_ali). She’s known as a soloist who captured the hearts of the HQRP community owing to her characteristics as a person and also to her angelic voice.

Miss Marilag performed during Alab’s first ever concert named “Siklab ‘’ which was held last March 13, 2021. Marilag is already publishing her covers even before Alab was established, however after her first performance in Siklab which is an official event, it paved her way on becoming one of Alab’s renown artists.

It opened a lot of opportunities, giving another chance to share her talent through collaborations with other artists as well. Her first collaboration was with Trevor (@akingbinabayo) of Asmodeus, with their cover of “Lose” by Niki, last April 11, 2021 at the Alab’s LKMBN Re-run event; Second was with Sheigh (@PAGSILAKB0_) of Moonsidus with their cover of “Dulo ng Hangganan’’ by IV of Spades and recently, a collaboration was made with Tokyo (@R4kISTA) of Hukbo, singing “Back to Black’’ by Amy Winehouse last May 28, 2021. Soon after, she held her own solo concert namely “Marilag na Gabi’’ (A night Serenading with Ali) last June 12, 2021 which was organized by Alab’s Former Executive Producer, Cecily (@lovinglykiyoko) and Kodzuken (@konzumesyon).

In an interview with Miss Marilag herself, she shares her experiences and what inspires her as a performer:

“When was your first performance here in HQRP? How did you feel about it?”

Ali: First time performing here in HQRP was during Siklab, that was the first ever concert of Alab, we had an audience of 50+ so it’s nerve-wracking but very surreal yung feeling. Before kasi Alab, I post covers na talaga here and di sila masyado nare-recognize. But when I was given the chance to be on stage, that’s when I was given a platform here. So ayun, masaya na di ako makapinawala.

“What inspires you whenever you are performing? Who are the artists that influenced you?”

Ali: Mainly the people around me yeah they inspire me, especially my friends who’ve always been so so supportive. And of course, it’s exhilarating din kasi na there are people in here na nakakakilala saakin and they recognize me as Marilag, so i want to keep on performing for them as well. Their kind words inspire me.

Main influences ko si syd hartha, clara benin, munimuni, SUD, ebe dancel, eraserheads, rivermaya :)

“How do you live up to the expectations of the crowd/listeners?”

Ali: Well I guess I try to always deliver a performance that’s ano, full of passion ganun. And the crowd appreciates it everytime naman. So, every time nasisigawan ako nakakatuwa naman kasi positive yung sinasabi hahaha bale through those, nalalaman ko na I lived up to their expectations :>

have you ever encountered difficulties before or during performing and how do you cope up with them?”

Ali: I have, yeahh. Yung This is Me ng alab tayo, i wasn’t able to participate in that grand collab. Kasi mun’s very stressed with irl stuff at the time, she was distracted and doesn’t want to give a half assed and rushed performance lang. Uhm, naging okay naman na ako. I supported them nalang during the night of the performance :)

“What piece of advice or message do you want to say to all artists out there?”

Ali: Just do what makes you happy. Whatever it is that sets your heart on fire, chase it. Do something about it. If being an artist makes you feel alive, hold on to it and grasp that feeling. You know, some will support you, some will hate on you and it’s okay, you’re not here to please everybody. What matters is you do your own thing, you’re sharing your talent/s, and you know how it feels like to truly ever live and love.

Special thanks to Miss Marilag (@marilag_ali) for the interview. For collaboration, you may dm her in her twitter account.

Iwaizumi “Crius” Hajime is the Feature section Editor of LAGABLAB. He can be contacted at @criushajime on Twitter.




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