Have you ever been captivated?

Interview by Jacob Miya (@nagalpas)

Ever remember that feeling when your favorite band or artist enchants you with their music, when they captivate you with how they play and you feel the comfort that you’re looking for. That’s what Enthral wants to do, to captivate, to comfort, to enchant and to capture people with their music. Enthral has been a band in HQRP for 5 months and as we’ve soon seen they never fail to amaze us with their talents.

Hinata “Solace” Shoyo, Vocalist and founder, Mika “Avyanna” Yamaka, Vocalist, Kiyoko “Kirsten” Shimizu, Manager, Hajime “Crius” Iwaizumi, Bassist, Akaashi “Cushion” Keiji, producer and Akaashi “Lex” Keiji, also a producer. They told how it all started, from how they were formed, to what they want to achieve in HQRP.

“How would you describe yourselves as a band?”

Solace: I would describe our band as sabog and we always cram. Sabog kami pero we like playing music together.

Aya: I agree sabog saka we always cram, pero as Sol said, we love music and we would like to captivate others as we play.

“Where did it all start, from the founder to why you decided to make a band.”

Solace: Honestly it was started from my impulsive thought of forming a band. Naging topic namin sa paracosm yung banda tapos we decided to make one. At first, for a month wala masiyadong naging ganap.

Crius: Enthral bloomed nung nag Anidineti event.

Solace: Nung Anidineti ako nanghila ng mga members, tas unti-unti na siyang nabuo.

[ Fun Fact from Aya: Wala pa raw siya sa Enthral noon ]

Solace: So ayun, Anidineti tas nag rush kami ng 8 songs for our booth, naging dakilang crammers kami para sa harana booth. So overall we started a band kasi trio namin and as time went by we enjoyed being able to play together.

How do you coordinate in your production process? [ context: how do you pick songs, produce at how do you do the line distribution? ]

Aya: Generally we select songs tas nagpapapoll kami o kaya meron kaming mga playlists to choose from, pero dahil madalas indecisive kami, madalas wala sa mga pinili ang napili naming song.

Solace: Sa pagpili ng songs nakasalalay sa artist. Then we pass it sa prods namin na ginagawa ng line distribution and guide for harmony and everything. Recently the prods do vocal check before we record para makita if tama ang tono or may babaguhin.

”How do you cooperate with each other?”

Solace: We just know each other well to naturally cooperate with each other, relate rin kasi kami sa isa’t-isa. We understand when one is busy or if they need more time, minsan tamang remind lang din if may kulang pa samin.

“What do you want to accomplish in hqrp?”

Solace: I don’t want to speak on behalf of all of us pero for me okay na yung ma-share namin ang music and covers namin to others. Entertainment lang for us and hopefully for others den

Aya: Yung sana wala kaming delays, sana wala na ring cramming, of course we want to entertain HQRP.

Crius: Personally, I want the others na ma-enjoy kung anong hilig nila as much as we, enthral enjoy doing covers kahit na madalas cramming and sabog.

“A little message to your fans?”

Crius: Hope you enjoy our performance/s, not only during events but also when we post our covers and please do support not only us, but also the other artists here in hqrp.

Solace: Sana napapasaya po namin kayo sa covers namin lalo na yung bakit papa HAHAHAHAHAHA. Feel free to approach us din for collabs kasi welcome naman samin yan and sana as you listen to us we inspire you to be yourself and be sabog!!

“Keep what makes you happy and do what you love.” was the last thing Sol said, of course we love doing what we love most in life and we should be happy when we make other people happy with what you’re confident of.


[ https://twitter.com/ENTHRALHQ/status/1378621854814855187?s=20 ]



Mika ‘Avyanna’ Yamaka — @nagvocalista

Hinata ‘Solace’ Hinata — @hinatatangi

Alisa ‘Mallory’ Haiba — @haibamallory

Futakuchi ‘Jasper’ Kenji — @kuchikenji

Kiyoko ‘Loise’ Shimizu — @mizushims

Tsukishima ‘Devlin’ Kei — @tsukkipogi


Atsumu ‘Jace’ Miya — @shdkshjeys

Tsukishima Aki — @yourkuyaaki

Atsumu ‘Angel’ Miya — @Acocktsumu


Hajime ‘Crius’ Iwaizumi — @criushajime


Kuroo ‘Camero’ Tetsurou — @krttsrneko

Aihara ‘Love’ Mao — @lOVEMAO


Tsukishima Kei — @IncorectKei_


Sakusa ‘Xanthe’ Kiyoomi

Kenma ‘Kai’ Kozume — @kaigaridocs


Akaashi ‘Cushion’ Keiji — @https_akaakeiji

Akaashi ‘Lex’’ Keiji — @attykaashi

Akaashi ‘Aciel’ Keiji — @keijinakol


Hinata ‘Shopao’ Shoyo — @shoyoulang

Tsukishima ‘Luc’ Kei — @tsukkeisaltrus

Kiyoko ‘Kirsten’ Shimizu — @kiyokosayo

Kaori ‘Kao’ Suzumeda — @nagmanager


Sachiro Hirugami — @vividsachiro

Hinata ‘Irio’ Shoyo — @aishouyoteru

Tsukishima ‘Ira’ Kei — @TsukishimK_

Osamu ‘Xan’ Miya — @xancid3

Miya “Jacob” Osamu is a feature writer from LAGABLAB. He can be contacted at @nagalpas on Twitter.



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